Monday, April 2, 2012

Could I have some customer service?

I love gadgets, I’m a technophile.  So after watching a friend’s high-speed cable versus my DSL, I knew it was time for a change.  Well, that and we were paying out the ying to have DIRECTV and cable.  The DIRECTV existed because my husband is a sports junkie and insists he needs all the baseball channels and football channels to live.

So, I called Xfinity and made arrangements to make the switch.  I saved money in so many ways.  I switched from AT&T phone service to cable phones and dumped my dsl in favor of the more powerful cable high speed.  I also explained that I had no idea how to set these things up, so I gladly paid the $50.00 to have a human come and do the techie things.

But I made a mistake.  I bought a Blu-ray player for my bedroom so I could access Netflix.  I already set it up on iPhones, iPads, computers and Wii.  But no Blu-ray for me.  I went into Best Buys (they had the lowest price) and bought the thing and asked a customer service person for anything I might need to connect the Blu-ray via wireless Internet – cables, cords, etc.  He sold me a cable.  All well and good, but when I tried to set it up, it wouldn’t go to the internet.  So off to the manual I went.  Seems the model I bought needed a USB LAN plugged into the back before it would recognize the equipment.  Easy fix.  I went on and ordered the LAN.  Then as I continued to read the troubleshooting section of the manual, it tells me the system will only work with a LAN from Toshiba USB.  I couldn’t find one other than on Toshiba’s site.  So I ordered that.  I called Best Buys and told that little weasel that there was another part to wireless functionality for the player.  He could have cared less.  Blew me off insisting he gave me that information.  Really?  Cause for $20.00 more, I could have gotten one what came with all cables and other hardware necessary to be “up and running in minutes.“  Including the cost of buying 2 LAN connectors, I could have saved money if I bought the 
more expensive unit.

On the bright side, I didn’t have to go through New Delhi to get the information.  And eventually I will have my Netflix and my YouTube but a little customer service would have gone a long way!

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