Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I got out of the individual blog business a couple of years ago.  Decided I didn't have much to say.  Well,  I'm back.  Kind of.  I'm not an everyday blogger kind of person.  Why?  My life just isn't that interesting.  But it will be soon with the release (yes, here comes the plug) of my next Finley Anderson Tanner novel in April.  I do hope you'll enjoy this next installment - here - read an excerpt . . .Slightly Irregular

Wanna meet Finley?

Well, that's all the promo hoing I can do for one night.  Have a great day!
Rhonda (who is thrilled the Republican primary is today - no more Newt and Mitt ads running constantly.  I swear, they're more annoying than infomercials)